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Silver Cuff Bracelet for Women
Silver Cuff Bracelet for Women

Silver Cuff Bracelet for Women

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Cuff Bracelets for Women

A lustrous silvertone finish and bold centerpiece saturate this rustic cuff in luxe eccentricity.

  • 1.75'' W
  • 925 Sterling Silver Plated metal alloy 
  • Gift Box

GLIMMERING & SOPHISTICATED – This classic and timeless bracelet is made of sleek, meticulously polished 925 sterling silver. You will love this open cuff bangle’s elegant and minimalistic design!

FLAWLESSLY POLISHED & SHINED – We have rigorously shined this bracelet to keep it free of any smudges, scratches, or imperfections. You will love how lustrous, sparkly and glossy the sterling silver material is when you wear it to your special occasions.

 Wear this cuff bracelet with any outfit for every occasion. Whether you are dressed up in a ballroom gown or your favorite sundress, this bangle will stylishly complement your outfit!

This bracelet is the perfect example of old-time and minimalistic, yet sophisticated jewelry. Made of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, it was made to give your outfit an elegant and sophisticated appearance!

We promise you your favorite woman will adore this bracelet. She will want to wear it everywhere she goes and won’t be able to take it off! A perfect gift for your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister etc. Give it to her on an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, holidays, weddings or other special occasions!

We know how uncomfortable cuff bracelets can be. That is why we made it our goal to make this one-of-a-kind Sterling Silver Plated Cuff Bracelet as easy to wear and convenient as possible. No more sacrificing comfortability to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry!